Winter Attic Insulation

Why Every Dallas Home Needs Winter Attic Insulation

If you think that insulating your attic for winter, is something only done in other parts of the country, you might be surprised.  The truth is, all homes should have their attic insulated before winter comes sneaking in.

As you might imagine, Dallas homes take a real beating all summer long.  And while this may leave us a sweaty mess for eight or nine months each year, our Dallas homes are just as vulnerable to the cold weather, come winter.  If your attic is not properly and thoroughly insulated each winter, you will inevitably end up paying for it – in the form of higher home heating bills.

Attic Insulation Can Trap Natural Heat

Even when the temperature drops, the sun still shines (most of the time, anyway).   The sun shining on your roof all day, results in radiant heat which warms your attic.  Now, a properly, professionally-insulated attic will trap and retain this heat, which helps keep your house warm.  An attic lacking proper insulation, on the other hand, will result in heat dissipation.

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